Woodstock  - technology of the future which has evident advantages: affordability of the price, many engineering options . The parts are produced within one cycle with a simultaneous coating of upholstery:  imitation leather, tweed, malifleece  etc.  Forecast of Woodstock usage is rather optimistic: it is a possibility of thermoforming  of spare parts for automotive and building industry, manufacture of structural extrusion of different configuration for furniture and building elements, and also casting large-size parts.

A new extruder (capacity 1200 kg/h) of Italian company Icma San Giorgio is used to produce 8000 tons of  high-quality Woodstock per year.  Now a new building  is being built on the territory of KuibushevAzot to expand production of door lining and sun visors.

Composite material  (material on the basis of polymers) is largely used for the production. The company is a supplier for AVTOVAZ, GM-AVTOVAZ, GAZ, MAZ.

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